Alton Brown Makes Ice Cream In 10 Seconds

Don't try this at home

Alton Brown, food TV's resident mad scientist, has been popping up a lot lately: announcing his new web series that he says is essentially a sequel to Good Eats, getting ready for his Broadway debut—his show, Eat Your Science, opens next week—and last night, showing Stephen Colbert how to make ice cream in just 10 seconds.

Brown stopped by The Late Show set with two watercooler jugs bound together with duct tape and hooked up to two fire extinguishers, one filled with CO₂ and the other with a pumpkin spice latte ice cream base. For the record, Brown isn't a fan of the flavor: "I freaking hate pumpkin spice latte," but he takes one for the team anyway. At precisely the same time, the two released their extinguishers, creating a chamber that was 100 degrees below zero, cold enough to make what Brown calls carbonated ice cream, which he then put into a giant cone for Colbert. Hopefully, the host managed to down it before it melted.