America Got Very Boozy On Election Night

Americans sought solace through Thai, Mexican and Indian food

Last Tuesday evening, hoping to ignore, celebrate or just cope with what was going on in the country, Americans took to the bottle and takeout. Orders for Indian, Thai and Mexican food placed on services like Postmates, GrubHub and Caviar all spiked, Eater reports. Dessert requests also went up, with a 79 percent increase in demand for cupcakes on DoorDash.

Booze orders also skyrocketed. DoorDash saw a 90 percent jump in liquor store orders. A Postmates spokesperson explains that alcohol orders were "through the roof," reaching almost double the orders for a Tuesday in November, and that demand for a little liquid help rose again at lunchtime on Wednesday. Take-out orders remained high on Wednesday, too, with Postmates getting 20 percent more orders than usual.

It's not just delivery orders that were high. A number of wine stores, at least in New York, sold out of bottles last week.