How To Polish Glassware With Steam

It's easy and effective, and there won't be a smudge in sight

If you've ever handed someone a wineglass and realized, after it was too late, that the glass was covered in smudges, this one's for you.

Polishing glassware might not be at the top of your priority list of chores, but getting rid of stubborn smudges and residue isn't as labor or time intensive as it sounds. In fact, if you follow this simple trick, it can take about 10 seconds.

To polish your glassware, hold the glass over steam before wiping away smudges.

Here's how:

① Heat water in a pot to produce a steady flow of steam.

② Hold glassware over the steam so that the mouth of the glass fogs up.

③ Wipe away the condensation with a microfiber cloth.

④ Do the clean glass dance, because you just polished your glasses like a grown-up.

This is how they clean glassware in many restaurant and bars, so take it from the pros: It works well and saves a lot of time. It will also save you from realizing after it's too late that you've just handed your guest a dirty glass. Thank us later.