Why Hillary Clinton Loves Chile Peppers

Back in 1992, when Bill Clinton was running for president, Hillary embarked on a hot sauce kick. "I read an article that said it would help my immune system stay healthy," she told NPR this summer. She's kept up her love of the hot stuff and admitted to eating one hot pepper a day and owning what sounds like a pretty stellar collection of hot sauces (more than 100 bottles).

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So how many hot peppers has the candidate consumed during this fraught election? We did the math, and if her statement holds true, that would put the pepper count at 574 (575 if you count tomorrow's Election Day pepper). She has also confessed (in a somewhat-controversial interview) to carrying around her own arsenal of hot sauces. Her go-to? Ninja Squirrel, a specialty Sriracha. Each bottle holds about 95 servings, meaning the candidate would have torn through six bottles of the stuff on the campaign trail if consumed daily.

Our advice come tomorrow: Put a dash of that hot sauce in a big old Bloody Mary.