Kroger Will Deliver Groceries To Cars

Kroger will now deliver to your car

Mega grocery chain Kroger is saving its shoppers a bit of time with ClickList, a new program that allows shoppers to pick out what they want online and then swing by the store and have it popped into their trunk by a staffer.

The click-and-collect model has been popular in the UK for a number of years, Business Insider reports. It's also one of the models that Amazon has discussed for its forthcoming food stores.

With Kroger, customers use their rewards number to log in online, and the system automatically brings up items they shop for often, say a particular brand of cereal or milk.

So far, the service has been a hit. One shopper writes on Kroger's Facebook page, "Dear Kroger ClickList... You have changed my life. I don't know if I'll ever go in a grocery store again. Ok maybe that's exaggerating but with twins and 20-degree weather, having groceries brought to my car was awesome!!!"

Customers pay $4.95 for the service each time they use it, but the first three times are free.