Check Out The New Food Emojis For iOS

Expressing your emotions through food has never been easier

Ever wished you could respond to your friend's passive-aggressive text with a friendly baguette? Thanks to the new iOS emojis, now you can.

Earlier this week, Apple released a preview of the new iOS 10.2 (which should be released to the public sometime this month) and a whole slew of new emojis along with it. While additions like the face palm and shrug emojis are certainly vital, nothing has us more excited than a new round of food emojis to fuel our texting habits.

Some of the delicious additions are a long time coming, like the perfectly ripe avocado, the crispy bacon and the stack of pancakes. Others, however, are stranger things. We're looking at you, shallow pan of food (which is definitely paella) and stuffed flatbread (which really looks more like a falafel and pita). Still, we're sure a time will come when that potato or croissant will come in handy.

The update will also improve our existing food emojis, making them more realistic and detailed. People are already mourning the loss of the original bodacious peach emoji, but our beloved eggplant, it seems, is safe.

Still looking for more stellar food emojis to send to all of your friends and family? Check out Tasting Table's adorable food sticker pack, now available in the App Store. Join us: We have puns.