The Butterball Hotline Now Allows Texts

For the first time ever, you can text your questions instead of calling

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, and if you've ever tried switching up the green bean casserole in a house of stalwarts, you know that breaking with tradition is a risky move. That didn't stop the Butterball turkey line, one of Thanksgiving's finest institutions, from switching things up this year in a big way.

For the first time ever, cooks can text the turkey hotline instead of calling. It's 2016, and the fear of making a phone call is real.

Between November 17 and 24, anyone who has a question about cooking a bird can text 844-877-3456.

The call line's been around since 1981 and, currently, has about 50 experts answering upward of 100,000 calls in November and December. It's anyone's guess how many would-be callers will turn to their phone's keyboard this year, but we're predicting a lot of sticky phone screens.