The Top Travel Destinations For 2017

And what to eat when you get there

It's time to start booking next year's travel. Lonely Planet just released its list of the top 10 places to go in 2017, and, clearly, we're already planning our meals for when we visit each country.

Here's the full list and some of our food goals for next year, from Mongolia's dumplings to Myanmar's tea leaf salad.

Bon voyage!


From poutine to Montreal bagels, Canada's got a lockdown on late-night food and what to eat the morning after.


Colombian food varies in different regions of the country, but one thing's for sure: Almost all of the plates you'll find include some type of meat. No complaints here.


In Finland, fried fish is taken to a whole new level. Case in point?  The summertime favorite known as fried vendace (Coregonus Albula), where small fish are fried and served whole.


For breakfast and snacktime, bakes—fried dough sometimes filled with saltfish—is where it's at. Watch out for these. They're as addictive as they look.


Visit Nepal, and you won't be able to resist the dumplings, the thali and the glorious fried street food. (Just proceed with caution on the latter.)


Go for the beach; stay for the fresh fish, chowder and, of course, the rum.


We won't turn down a bowl of rice or noodles, but we've got our hearts set on buuz, traditional Mongolian dumplings.


From the teas to the porridges—like madrouba, Omani chicken and rice porridge—the food in Oman is comforting and rich in spices.


One of Myanmar's national dishes, tea leaf salad, is one of the funkiest, coolest snacks we've ever tried. The caffeine from the tea leaves may give you a little jolt, but the mix of crunchy textures and sour flavors is the real pick-me-up.


One of our favorite Ethiopian foods is the spongy flatbread called injera, which serves as an edible plate—and spoon—for delicious meats and vegetables.