The Most Adorable Dog Costumes

The only thing cuter than a dog is a dog dressed as a taco

You might think you have the best Halloween costume this year, but we're sorry to share that you're about to be upstaged by some cute little canines.

The annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade in NYC did not disappoint this year, with tacos, hamburgers and even buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken running around on four legs. Here are the most adorable dog costumes from this weekend's parade. 

On the left:On the right:

Poodle or fried chicken?! Crosby and his owner make up the chain Taco Bell and KFC.

Remy the hamburger with his mom, Shannon (Guy Fieri).

The cutest carrot we've ever seen.

Cheeto proudly shows off his taco costume at the parade.

This dog dressed as a hot dog is all you need to brighten your day.

The coolest slice (of pizza) in town.

It's time for a glass of Champagne.

This lobster is too adorable to be cracked open and dipped in butter.

The real pumpkin spice puppy chow.

Ziva as spaghetti and meatballs.

It takes two (tacos) to tango.

Henry makes the cutest hot dog.

Penny, the slush puppy.

A hot dog dressed as a piece of sushi.

A hot dog topped with mustard.

Ham (@frenchieham) rocks the hamburger costume.

All the important food groups (hamburger, hot dog and a taco) in the same circle.

These corgis sure know how to party.

@petitepommebigapple dressed as a bottle of pomegranate juice.