How To A Eat Chicken Wing In One Bite

A hack to get as much meat as possible

Between football season and the most exciting World Series in recent history, there's a good chance you're spending a decent amount of time in a sports bar with a plate of wings. Whether you're eating ones with perfectly crispy skin at home or ordering the hottest Buffalo wings you can find out at the bar, here's a trick for getting the most meat, and making the least amount of mess, as possible.

Pull out the bones first, then eat that chicken wing in one bite.

For a visual, watch the video above, which outlines the following steps.

① Put your game face on.

② Tear through the skin on one side of the wing and feel around for the bones.

③ Twist one bone to dislodge it and pull it out.

④ Repeat with the second bone, making sure to remove any remaining cartilage as well.

⑤ Eat in one bite!

You may have seen this hack before, but if you haven't, prepare to be amazed. If you're already well versed in what we think is the best way to eat a chicken wing, then check out this simple trick for getting the crispiest wings at home. There's always room to, er, spread your wings.