Mundy Cruising Has The World's Longest Cruise

Attn, cruise lovers: The longest cruise in the world is about to set sail, and if you have unlimited vacation or are ready to drop everything and travel the world, you'll want to hop aboard.

The cruise lasts a whopping 357 days. To compare, the second-longest cruise, according to Condé Nast Traveler, lasts a trifling 180 days.

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The cruise, from luxury liner Mundy Cruising, embarks from Miami on January 10 and takes travelers to all seven continents. It starts in South America, where guests can climb Machu Picchu, and later goes down the Amazon River to the Mediterranean, up by Spain and further north toward Sweden, Greenland and St. Petersburg. Next, it's back to the Americas, hitting Alaska and Costa Rica, and then all the way Down Under to Australia. Don't forget about Dubai, Cape Town, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Later, cruisers visit Southeast Asia, and Hong Kong. And that's just a snapshot of the dizzying itinerary. 

There are stops along the way, however, which allow guests to fly home—on business class, of course —and regroup. The longest stretch on the boat is 39 days, and the shortest is 13. With stops ranging everywhere from Moscow to the Maldives, a repack is certainly in order—unless you choose the route most round-the-world travelers take and stick to one overstuffed backpack.

This isn't your gap-year crawl through Europe though. It should come as no surprise that the longest cruise in history doesn't come cheap. You won't only need unlimited vacation days and tolerance for the high seas; you'll also need a cool $155,000.

Look at it this way: Just imagine how much you'll be saving on dining out during a year's worth of travel to seven continents.