A 'Twin Peaks' Cookbook Hits Stores November 15

Recipes inspired by the cult favorite are here, thanks to one superfan

Listen up, Log Ladies. If you love a good slice of cherry pie as much as Dale Cooper does, this one's for you.

Thanks to one superfan, an "unauthorized" Twin Peaks cookbook titled Damn Fine Cherry Pie will hit stores on November 15, well in time for the beloved cult series' reboot in 2017. The book, penned by Lindsey Bowden, will feature 75 recipes inspired by David Lynch's classic characters and the show's most memorable moments. The book will also offer a look into the history of the series and a guide to the weird world of the show.

The recipes include Shelley Johnson's Cherry Pie, Betty Brigg's Meatloaf, Doc Hayward's Diet Lasagna, and the Log Lady's Chocolate and Chestnut Roulade, to name a few. The book will even include recipes contributed by cast members Al Strobel and Kimmy Robertson, aka MIKE and Lucy Moran.

So, while you're waiting for those 18 new Showtime episodes to arrive and continuing to mourn the death of Laura Palmer, fill up on a few of the dishes that fuel the fandom. (Just don't forget to pair them with some damn good coffee.)