Hoppy Beers Protect Your Liver

Grab an IPA and bottoms up

Next time you saddle up to a bar and can't decide what to order, listen to science. A new study shows a link between hoppy beer and liver health, so perhaps go for that IPA.

"Our data suggest that hops content in beer is at least in part responsible for the less damaging effects of beer on the liver," one researcher explains to Live Science.

During the study, mice were given one of four different solutions: straight alcohol, beer sans hops, a hoppy beer and a control solution. After 12 hours, the livers of the mice who had straight alcohol and those who had non-hoppy beer looked the same, while the livers of those who had hoppy beer had less fat on them, a sign that they were healthier.

Any alcohol wears on the liver, but hops might be able to offer a bit of protection. So hop to it.