Paula Deen's New Cooking Show

The once-fallen chef is throwing it back to butter days

After you samba your way through Dancing with the Stars, there's only one logical next step: Film a new cooking show.

Paula Deen continues on her rebranding mission after her show was dropped from the Food Network in 2013, when she was knocked down by a racism scandal. The new reiteration, Positively Paula, takes place in Deen's home, where she'll "revisit some old friends and favorite food memories."

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The show airs on basic cable starting Saturday, October 15, and so far there are 26 episodes. Expect a coq au vin tribute to Julia Child, a guest appearance by A Chef's Life star Vivian Howard, and a (gasp!) butter-less vegan meal from her daughter-in-law Claudia.

Don't call it a comeback—she's been here for years.

Positively Paula Trailer from 3180 Media Group on Vimeo.