Hunting With Pat LaFrieda Video

We go hunting with NYC's meat king

"There's no more organic way to consume meat than to go out and hunt it yourself."

That's Pat LaFrieda speaking, one of the most prominent names in anything and everything meat related in the New York metropolitan area. With a towering presence and a calm demeanor, when LaFrieda speaks, you listen. Turns out he's got a thing or two to say about meat, and in this field trip, venison.

"The best time of year to eat venison is in the fall, because that's when the hunting season is," LaFrieda says. He describes the flavor of fresh venison as subtle, slightly sweet even. Since you can't buy venison in stores, those who consume it often end up eating meat that's been frozen and shipped around the country, which causes the meat to lose its flavor. LaFrieda's suggested preparation is simple: a quick sear of the loin that gets paired with fresh fruit.

Watch the video to see it all go down.