Listen To The Amazing Vegetable Orchestra

This group transforms vegetables into music

As kids, we might have been more excited about eating our vegetables if you told us that we could turn them into musical instruments first. That's what the Vienna-based Vegetable Orchestra does.

The 18-year-old group transforms vegetables like eggplants, pumpkins and peppers into instruments that make surprisingly lovely sounds. "Very often, people think it's going to be funny, and then they realized . . . we really do music. It's not impossible to make music with vegetables," Suzanna Gartmayer, a member of the orchestra, explains.

Some of the vegetables, like those pumpkins, which double as drums, don't take much work to become instruments, but others like carrots and daikon radishes need some help from knives and power drills to become riffs on kazoos and recorders.

As for the scraps, they don't go to waste; they're gathered together into a pot for a soup that's served to the audience after the performance.