How To Cut Even Cake Layers

Channel your inner Ina and perfectly slice that cake into layers

Lopsided cake layers are kind of a party foul, but cutting them perfectly even is tricky business. Horizontally slicing through a cake disk leaves a lot of room for error: You could accidentally lean up or down and end up with a crooked layer. Still delicious, but not nearly as pretty.

Luckily, we have two tricks up our sleeves that let you have your perfect cake, and eat it, too. (Sorry.)

① Place toothpicks around the cake's perimeter to guide you as you slice.

Stick toothpicks halfway up the side of the cake (that's one inch up on this two-inch layer cake).

Then lay your knife flush above the toothpicks and slice away.

② Instead of making one horizontal slice through the entire cake, make small incisions and rotate the cake as you cut.

Rotate the cake as you slice.