How To Crumb Coat A Cake

The cake-decorating trick you shouldn't skip

If you've ever ended up with grainy frosting after icing a cake, this one's for you. Those annoying little specks are crumbs from the cake that flake off when you're spreading the frosting. To end up with a wedding-worthy showstopper, try this cake-decorating trick:

Make a crumb coat before frosting the cake.

Chill the unfrosted cake in the fridge. Working on a cold cake makes things easier.

Spread a thin layer of frosting around the entire cake. This is the crumb coat. Pro tip: Keep a clean bowl at your side for wiping off the spatula, instead of returning it to the bowl of frosting.

Chill the cake again for about 20 minutes, until the crumb coat has hardened.

Ice the cake with the remainder of the frosting. The protective layer of frosting will prevent crumbs from flaking off.

It's a simple tip that, er, takes the cake.