Quiz: What's Your Culinary IQ?

Now that you've taken the quiz, read how to take it to the next level

You took our quiz to find out your culinary IQ, now get the answers you might have missed and results below to find out how to take it to the next level.

—Professional Chef

The kitchen is your domain, and you put your heart and soul into everything you make. Your knife skills are sharp, seasoning technique on point and presentation restaurant worthy. Take your skills to the next level by introducing molecular gastronomy into your cooking and transform the taste and texture of food with science.


King of the Kitchen
You know your way around a kitchen and are well on the way to perfecting your culinary skills and techniques. Before you know it, you'll be filleting whole fish with the best of them. Since breaking down a fish is a crucial skill for chefs to have, check out these tips for how to breakdown a whole fish and then watch Gordon Ramsay demonstrate how to break down a whole lobster piece by piece.


Up-and-Coming Cook
You know a thing or two about cooking but stick to the recipes. Willing to take chances once in awhile, you are working your way to the top of the chain. Once you're ready to step outside your comfort zone, master marinating with one ingredient that will make your steak beyond flavorful and check out these easy tips for poaching an egg.


Culinary Rookie
You are most comfortable preparing meals that aren't too involved. But, hey, practice makes perfect, right? We suggest starting with the basics, like learning how to grease your nonstick pan or how to choose a ripe tomato.


Quiz Answers:
 Béchamel is a traditional French sauce made by adding milk to a roux. What's in a roux?

Butter and flour

 True or false: The term quadrillage refers to the crisscross grill marks that are left on the surface of meat or fish.


 What does it mean to émincer?

Thinly slice food

 What is in a traditional bouquet garni?

Thyme, bay leaves, parsley stems, black peppercorns

⑤ Adding liquid to the bottom of a pan to remove the brown bits is which technique?


 True or false: There is more vinegar than oil in a vinaigrette.


 What is the traditional way to poach an egg?

In simmering water

 Match the knife cut to the correct definition:

Mirepoix - Consistently sized chunks of vegetables

Émincer - To thinly slice food

Julienne - Cut into short, thin strips

Brunoise - Cut from julienne, small dice

 Which of the following is not one of the five mother sauces?

Beurre blanc

 How is food prepared if it is cooked en papillote?

In a folded parchment pouch

 What does it mean to blanch a vegetable?

Cook it in boiling water for a short time