This Is The Strongest Coffee In The World

We're talking 80 times more caffeine than a single shot

With the cold-brew craze going strong, coffee drinkers are already used to a cup of joe so strong it can take a few hours to finish. But a new iced coffee drink from a café in Australia takes the caffeine buzz to new heights.

Behold the Asskicker, an iced coffee from Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia, that contains 80 times more caffeine than one single shot. That's five grams, to be exact, and bold coffee drinkers are supposed to sip slowly over the course of three to four hours. Esquire says it's approximately half the amount of a fatal dose of caffeine.

So what makes this brew so strong? It contains four shots of espresso, about half a cup of 10-day steeped cold brew, and eight 48-hour steeped cold-brew ice cubes.

Thrill seekers can order a small ($10), medium ($13) or large ($16). Small cups should be consumed over the course of one to two hours, medium cups from two to three and larges from three to four.

If you drink the Asskicker slowly, as advised, a small cup will leave you with a six-to-nine-hour buzz, while a large will send you away with a 12-to-18-hour lift.

Café owner Steve Bennington says the crazy creation was originally created for an ER nurse on the overnight shift, and the current drink has been "toned down."

If 80 times a single shot is "toned down," all we can say is proceed at your own risk.