The Best Avocado Ice Creams

Who needs toast when you can have ice cream instead?

We have a situation.

Avocados are being stolen away from their predetermined fate of living (or dying) on toasts and being turned into desserts instead. There's an abundance of avocado-based ice creams currently on the market, but they all approach it from a different angle: vegan, dairy based, with or without coconut. We took it upon ourselves to try them all, but since they're all etymologically different, consider the below a guide rather than a definitive ranking. You'll just have to try them all yourself.

 FoMu: Vegan, coconut based

This is a crowd favorite at the Boston vegan ice cream shop, and we can see why. They use hand-peeled-and-smashed avocados and a bit of lime juice and agave to produce the smooth coconut cream-based pint. While not overly sweet, this one has density that makes it the champion in terms of texture. And unlike other coconut ice creams, which can taste overly tropical, this one truly tastes like avocado. You also wouldn't feel off base blending this with almond or coconut milk in the morning. 

② Cado: Vegan, avocado based

Of all the ice creams we tried, this one tastes the least like avocado. But that's because it's not supposed to: It's the first dairy-free "ice cream" based entirely on avocado that comes in lemon, dark chocolate and mint chocolate chip. Each pint contains more than a whole avocado, which is cold-processed to make the final product. Refreshing mint chocolate chip is our favorite of the three, and with its green tint, it works out cognitively as well.

 Magnolia: Not vegan, avocado flavored

The bubble letters that tout "Tasty in a taco. Mind blowing in an ice cream." might catch your eye before you even realize you're looking at an avocado-flavored pint. But when you remove the lid, the nearly neon contents (don't be scared—it's all natural) and heady avocado scent will have you convinced. With more traditional ingredients like milk, cream and sugar, it's fluffier than the others, like what you might expect of "normal" churned ice cream. The 44-year-old California company specializes in tropical flavors like equally delicious purple yam, Thai tea and lychee, but this one is not to be missed.

These are all available either in grocery stores or online, but if you'd rather go the homemade route, that's an option as well. The Internet has you covered with plenty of ways to combine avocado with chocolate, coconut or tequila for a frozen dessert.