Healthy No-Bake Frozen Dessert Recipes

Reach for one of these treats instead of a pint of ice cream

Sometimes you need ice cream. And sometimes you need a whole pint of it. But more often than not, you can save yourself the future stomach ache by replacing that need with something a bit more virtuous—that still tastes just as good. Here are seven ways to make frozen fruit not boring, sneak chocolate into your day and more.

Go on a date with your freezer by way of nut butter- and chocolate-stuffed dates. To start, cut dates in half lengthwise without going all the way through the other side, like you're butterflying shrimp. Place a spoonful of almond butter and a few chocolate chips in the middle, then fold the halves back together and place in the freezer to set.

Maybe these aren't the healthiest of the bunch, but they're definitely a contender for most delicious. Two-ingredient Oreo truffles—the second player being cream cheese—are easy to make and, should you choose to smash the Oreos by hand, a good stress reliever.

For a more virtuous energy ball, combine 1 cup of oats, ½ cup of hemp seeds, ½ cup of nut butter and ½ cup of mini chocolate chips in a bowl. Roll them into bite-sized portions, so you're ready to go when that hangry need-sweets-now feeling hits. 

Save money on those bags of addicting yogurt-covered dried fruit by making your own. Grapes dipped in yogurt are a refreshing sweet snack—and if you're looking for even more flavor, try coating them in spicy yogurt.

DIY a fro-yo/Dippin' Dots hybrid by piping dots of yogurt onto wax paper and letting them freeze for a snack that melts in your mouth and is more fun than it should be.

Keep a gallon bag of frozen banana pieces for the most versatile snack. Dip some into chocolate, sprinkle them with sea salt and refreeze for a grab-and-go dessert, and save some for blending.

Freeze your favorite smoothie or ice pop recipe in an ice cube tray. That way, you don't have to commit to a whole one when you want just one bite. You can also blend them all together for a slushie version.