Whiskey For Millennials Refreshingly Easy To Drink

A new wave of light, approachable whiskies are what the people want

Attention, people who would rather be clutching a wine spritzer at a party than forcing down a glass of dark, heavy whiskey: "Whisper whiskies" are for you.

The new wave of whiskies, marketed toward a millennial crowd looking for a lighter, mellower take on the traditionally stiff drink, is making the rounds, thanks to Toki, a whisky made by Japanese company Suntory, Bloomberg reports. The silky, blended whisky is pale in color and tastes of "gentle almond and grapefruit accents," making it easier to drink. Additionally, it carries no age statement, unlike many traditional bottles of bourbon or Scotch.

The Japanese bottle isn't the only "whisper whisky" out there. Bottles from Ireland, like Kinahan's and Tullamore D.E.W., and Compass Box Enlightenment from Scotland appeal to those with a similar flavor preference, offering a lighter, crisper drinking experience.

With a price point around $35 to $40 a bottle, Toki whisky is also friendlier for millennials on a budget who'd like to skip the expensive, aged bottles of their parents' days. Whiskey purists may cringe at the thought, but the sweeter, more approachable take on the classic libation is opening up the world of whiskey to a new generation.