Kanye West Wrote A Poem About McDonald's

This needs a dramatic reading, stat

First, we had William Shakespeare, then came Robert Frost. Now, Kanye West joins the ranks as one of the best poets of all time. (Of all time!)

West's latest rant is not about his greatness or aspirations for the 2020 presidential campaign: It's about the simple pleasure of McDonald's french fries.

It includes gems such as the line "Even the McRib was jealous of the fries." It's 70 percent weird, 30 percent actual genius and 100 percent Kanye. And it's everything you were already thinking about fries. See the full poem below:

And if you prefer your french fry ode with a side of nutritional facts: 

This all comes after a release of various materials that further prove it's Frank Ocean's world and we're all just swimming in it. It's his glossy magazine, Boys Don't Cry, that includes West's wonderful tribute. The publication was joined by Ocean's long-awaited new album, which he has been teasing music fans with for more than two years, as well as a visual album released last week.

We already know how much West loves McDonald's from his Watch the Throne days, when "What she order, fish fillet?" was stuck in our heads for weeks on end. Now check out this compilation of West's other food fetishes and hurry up with his damn croissants.