New Trump Hotel Will Sell Wine By The Spoon

The Trump International Hotel in Washington will offer ounce-size tastings

A new Trump hotel is opening in Washington D.C. next month, and whatever your politics, the bar is sure to give everyone something to talk about. Not only will it have daily Champagne bottle saberings, but it will serve wine by the spoon. And yes, that's a silver spoon.

Travel Weekly reports that the tasting option will give guests a chance to try expensive and hard-to-find wine in ounce-sized portions.

But why buy a spoonful of wine when you can get one of the world's best bottles for $6? A higher price tag doesn't always mean a better wine, as the world's largest wine competition proved earlier this summer with a bottle from none other than Walmart.

That's right. If you didn't already hear about it, you're in for a treat: A $6 bottle of Asda Malbec from Walmart won the platinum best in show at the 2016 Decanter World Wine Awards in June.

The prestigious awards saw a range of surprising winners from lesser-known wine regions, but the biggest surprise definitely came from this supermarket wine: La Moneda Reserva Malbec, which was described as "an absolute crowd-pleaser." Tasting notes include "freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper spice flavor."

The response was so rabid that Asda's website crashed after the award was announced. It's up and running now, so grab a few bottles while you can. It'll definitely be a better bang for your buck than whatever spoonful of wine will be served at the new Trump hotel.