A New Magazine All About Pickling

Pickle fans, get ready to geek out

Pickle lovers, you've got some new required reading. A magazine called Cured is launching this fall, and it's entirely dedicated to the art of pickling and curing. From Zero Point Zero, the creators of TV hits Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown and The Mind of a Chef, Cured will cover topics like Christmas pickle ornaments (yes, you read that correctly), fermentation-themed restaurants and gut health.

An in-depth story on persimmon vinegar by chef Edward Lee will grace the first issue, as well as a story on a little-known fermented corn beverage from Jalisco, Mexico; a travel piece on Kyoto's Nishikikoji Street, known by foreigners as Pickle Street; and a profile on L.A. chef Kwang Uh, the mastermind behind restaurant-cum-fermentation lab Baroo, the New York Times reports.

Photo: Courtesy of CURED

Pickle fans have already been blessed this year with pickle juice in a can, a festival devoted exclusively to pickles and an original Tasting Table recipe for pickle juice bread—the only loaf you'll want to use for sandwiches from here on out. This new publication is icing on the cake.

Cookbook author, food scholar and founding editor of Gastronomica Darra Goldstein will serve as editor in chief.

"I was really excited to embark on this new Zero Point Zero Production project, because Cured speaks to the very essence of who we are—by preserving food, we ensure our species' survival, but we also create deliciousness through the fabulous flavors that curing and fermenting bring out. The magazine's stunning artwork will convey the wonder and delight that underlie all forms of preservation," Goldstein says.

"Curing may be suddenly cool, but it's the farthest thing from a fad," Goldstein says in a press release. "Its methods trace back thousands of years to a time when preserving food was crucial for survival."

"Crucial for survival." That's our philosophy on pickles, too, and we can't wait to devour the new magazine.