The Best Water For Your Coffee

New packaged water Aquiem claims to be "coffee's missing element"

A new way for coffee connoisseurs to enhance their favorite beverage might come as a surprise, since it doesn't involve single-origin beans or some fancy new machine. The answer might simply be the water that's used to brew the coffee.

Aquiem, the company behind this snazzy new liquid it's touting as "coffee's missing element," explains how water quality can "directly affect the taste, aroma, consistency and beneficial health effects of all coffee," which is why it says we should be brewing with the best water available. The company adds essential minerals to its product and claims it allows coffee lovers to experience the pure and natural flavor of the coffee.

Aquiem cofounder Rob Vidacovich tells Daily Coffee News, "You could probably refer to it as 'distilled' because at that point in time, we've pulled out just about everything, and then we add back a blend of essential minerals that specifically enhance the flavor, the aroma and the consistency of the coffee."

If coffee's not your drink of choice, Aquiem can also be used for tea and other water-based beverages. How refreshing.