Starbucks Will Start Offering Almond Milk

Almond milk fans, your day has finally come

Almond milk fans, rejoice: Starbucks will start offering your favorite nondairy option next month.

If you've been wondering why Starbucks makes chai soy lattes and iced coconut milk mocha macchiatos but doesn't carry your other favorite nondairy option, wonder no longer.


Starting September 6, the coffee chain will offer its own blend of almond milk, called "almondmilk," in 4,600 locations, rolling out in the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, New York, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions before hitting the whole country by the end of the month.

We created our own almondmilk recipe to complement our hot, iced and Frappuccino® blended beverages," Yoke Wong, manager on Starbucks beverage R&D team, says on the company's press release. "It was designed so that when steamed, it creates a rich foam for hot beverages and is delicious and creamy when served in cold beverages.

Count us in. Or, as Tasting Table assistant editor Abby Reisner said when she heard the news, "Mark my word that I am getting a HOT. ALMOND. LATTE. WITH. SUGAR. FREE. VANILLA. SYRUP. ON. SEPTEMBER 6." Go nuts, Abby.