This 'Seinfeld' Cake Answers All Our Prayers

This dessert is making us thirsty

Seinfeld fans, you've officially got a new birthday cake challenge: Bake—or have someone else bake—a cake that tops this glorious creation inspired by your favorite show about nothing.

My wife is a pastry chef and made a Seinfeld cake at work.

If you're a true fan, you'll immediately pick up on all the amazing references:

"No soup for you!"

"These pretzels are making me thirsty!"



George's incredible photo shoot.

And, of course, the Junior Mint lost in an operating room.

We're going ahead and calling it the year of amazing cakes. First, there were magical marble cakes we couldn't take our eyes off, an entirely new way to decorate desserts to the nines, salad cakes that took the Internet by storm and wedding cakes we could hardly believe.

But this Seinfeld gem makes us feel all the feelings, and gives us all the laughs, and makes us want to sit down for a marathon of reruns. To the baker of this bad boy, we say, "Top of the muffin to you!"