What To Eat To Cure A Hangover

How to cure the "wine flu," no matter how bad you're feeling

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Bad news: You might be genetically predisposed to a rough hangover. And until a magic pill is created to cure said hangover, we're going to have to make do with what we have. Luckily, most remedies don't suck (as in, grilled cheese), so here's to nursing that headache with good taste. We're arming you with nine things you can eat (and drink) to fix a hangover for all levels, from "mostly functional" to "my head is being run over by a semitrailer."

For a quick fix:
You have to get up and meet your parents for brunch, 10 minutes ago. The electrolytes in pickle juice will help you rebound from last night and get you out the door. Chances are you're already familiar with pickle juice—just leave the whiskey out this time.

For a grab-and-go remedy:
Everything bagel grilled cheese in one hand, dignity in the other.

For those who rally:
Some manage to feel just fine by maintaining a low buzz. So something with alcohol that provides a little sustenance is a good compromise, like a briny oyster-topped Bloody Mary.

For a stay-in-bed morning:
You don't have anywhere to go, so why bother? If you didn't do any cleanup from the party you hosted, even better. Turn that half-eaten bag of tortilla chips into sauce-soaked chilaquiles.

For hopeless (and hungry) mornings:
An English feast with all the meat, cheese and eggs you can handle is the breakfast of champions and perfect for the winner you are.

For when the room is spinning:
Whether or not carbs actually sponge up alcohol from your system is still on the boardroom floor, but it's as good a reason as any to add an extra dose of cinnamon raisin toast to your day. The sweet smell coming from the kitchen should bring your pounding head back down to earth or, at the very least, give you something way more pleasant to focus on.

For when you can't chew:
Rumor has it that the Baker Soup at Mory's in New Haven was created because of a hangover. Make your own spicy tomato curry soup to emulate it.

For rehabbing your liver:
The milk thistle in this mellow cocktail will help that neglected organ recover from the bricks you threw at it last night, while ginger will calm any queasiness.

For when the world is collapsing:
Water. Drink up—surely those are two words you're well acquainted with.