'The Bachelorette' Finale, Plus Rose-Based Recipes

Celebrate JoJo's journey with these rose-flavored recipes

After three long, only mildly necessary hours of television last night, the 12th season of The Bachelorette came to a close as Joelle Fletcher picked her forever love. But once After the Final Rose ended, our morning-after-the-final-rose withdrawal kicked in. So if you're bummed about the end of the season (and, no, we won't give any spoilers about which of JoJo's two fluffy-haired suitors won), you can still relive its dramatic glory in the best possible way: snacks.

For one final rose ceremony, here are four of our best recipes that use roses—plus one bonus rosé treat—to relish the moments of last night. Because you're here for the right reasons.

Unicorn Milk
It was a bumpy road, but JoJo found her unicorn. Now you can, too, without the added struggle of going on 25 blind dates. Otherwise known as rose- and cardamom-infused almond milk, this lightly sweetened nut milk is great over cereal or stirred into coffee in the morning.

Imagine if a crepe and a soufflé spent the night in the fantasy suite: The result would be similar to these dramatic, airy pastries. And though the undressed versions are fine as is, when you sprinkle freshly baked ones with rose-cardamom sugar, you're sure to find your own fairy-tale ending.  

Rose Granita with Frozen Rice Noodles
"Will you accept this rose?" The answer is always yes as long as faloodeh is involved. The chilled Iranian dessert is topped with in-season strawberries and has a rose water base that's sweet enough to help you glaze over any tabloid rumors.

Rose Sugar
There were 86 roses given out over the course of this season. Maybe the real reason the food went uneaten is because the contestants were busy using those flowers to make and fill up on rose-sugar shortbread cookies.

Rosé Sangria
Sure, adding an accent makes it no longer a flower, but who's complaining? Besides, it's only a matter of time before they announce the next bachelor, and we're all back where we started. And when that happens, you're going to need a batch of this rosé sangria, which an NYC bartender likens to "unicorn blood." We see a theme here.

If floral flavors aren't your thing, don't worry: It's also officially Bachelor in Paradise season. Which means it's time for tiki drinks, pineapple punch bowls and all the confusion that the spin-off brings. Stay classy, America.