Lululemon's Now Brewing Courageous Blonde Beer

Last week, Philadelphia's basketball team announced they were getting into the wine business. Today, in equally strange news, Lululemon—the company that makes the fancy yoga pants everyone loves to hate—is coming out with a new beer, Eater reports.

The brew, which is made by Stanley Park Brewing in Vancouver is called Courageous Blonde, a play on a blonde ale—and perhaps a nod to the ladies who frequent Lulu.

Described as a "lemon-hopped ale," it's being brewed for Vancouver's upcoming SeaWheeze Half Marathon and Sunset Festival, which will take place on August 13. Cans are available locally leading up to the events as well.

Despite Courageous Blonde being new to the market, this isn't Lulu's first rodeo. Last year, the company commissioned Stanley Park Brewing to make a beer called Curiosity Lager, as well as the Sunset Strawberry Wit.