The Philadelphia 76ers Are Getting Into The Wine Business

The Philadelphia 76ers are getting into the wine business

We know that sports star and ex-NFL player Terry Hoage makes wine, as well as NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. And now you can add the Philadelphia 76ers to that list. The team, which hasn't won a championship since 1983, has decided to invest in bottling their own wine called the Banner Series, which celebrates their three franchise championships (including one from 1955 when they were the Syracuse Nationals), Sports Illustrated reports. Times are rough.

The first bottle, made with the local Chaddsford Winery honors the 1982-1983 championship team with a blended red, which according to the winery's site, "showcases notes of raspberry, black cherry, black pepper and oak." The site also points out that it pairs well with beef, pasta, a party (specifically of the pizza variety) and something called chip snacks. It goes for $24.99, and there's a limited run of—get this—76 cases.

Ten percent of the proceeds are going to the team's nonprofit, the Sixers Youth Foundation.