How To Get Crispy Chicken Skin

The simple trick for crispy chicken skin every time

Crispy skin is arguably the best part of eating chicken. Sure, juicy meat is great, but it's all about the skin in our book. Here's a crucial factor for achieving the ultimate crisp:

Dry the skin completely before cooking.

It may sound obvious, but for those of you who either forget or think it's not that important to dry the skin thoroughly, we're here to tell you it makes a world of difference. Moisture creates steam when it comes into contact with heat, which will ultimately prevent the skin from getting crisp.

① Pat the skin dry with a towel so no moisture remains.

② Make sure to get in all the crevices. Any moisture whatsoever will work against you.

③ If time permits, throw the bird in the fridge anywhere from an hour up to overnight to really dry it out.

There are other ways to achieve crispy chicken skin, but this one is as straightforward and easy they come. When you roast the bird in the oven or sear it in a hot pan, the skin will be crisp and crackly, just the way you like it. Say so long to sad, soggy skin forever.