The Best Instagram Photos Of Latte Art

The most impressive latte art on Instagram right now

Even if you're not the type to snap photos of your food, sometimes you can't help but immortalize a barista's seemingly impossible creation atop your morning beverage of choice. It's like a work of art made special for you—never mind the line of people behind you awaiting similar fates—and it (clearly) makes great fodder for Instagram.

Whatever the motive, keep doing it, so we can revel in the cute animals, celebrity likenesses and designs that prove rainbow foods aren't going anywhere yet.

Deep down you know it tastes the same, but there's something far superior about drinking a latte with an adorable bear staring back at you.

Having your name in lights is overrated: Seeing it atop a latte is far superior. Thanks to Cha Cha Matcha in New York, our logo is ingrained in latte fame.

Some people liken a cup of coffee to an oasis in their day. That's not far from the truth with this beachy scene.

Some artists don't subscribe to coloring inside the lines, creating impressive three-dimensional structures, like this fluffy Minion.

Don't say it with roses when you can say it with a foam-topped cup of caffeine.

Or, if you insist on flowers, let an espresso-stained bouquet do the talking.

Between Good Morning America and Food Network appearances, Michael Breach is busy taking latte art to a new level, immortalizing famous faces in foam like the Beatles and Beyoncé.

If you leave TT's food editor to his own devices, he'll find lattes in Bogotá adorned with woodland creatures.

Not only is this latte topped with a gorgeous compass design, it's also made purple with creamy taro root.

Seeing an elephant in Thailand might not be a complete rarity, but we bet you've never seen one in a coffee shop.

A whole tray of latte swans is the most avant-garde performance of Swan Lake we've seen.