Picklesburgh Is A Festival Dedicated Entirely To Pickles

A festival dedicated entirely to pickles is going down in Pittsburgh this weekend

Pickle lovers, listen up. This weekend, the city of Pittsburgh is throwing a pickle party, and you're invited. The event, which is in its second year, is called Picklesburgh and kicks off Friday.

The event's website say it's for everyone, "from pickle fanatics to just pickle curious." Last year, 70,000 people attended, so you won't be alone in your pickled fandom.

Expect two days' worth of demos on making everything from kimchi to shrubs, and a full lineup of bands—because what's a pickle party without music?

The site will also be packed with vendors selling anything pickle-related you can imagine. Think relishes, pickled green beans and banh mi pork kielbasa. If that isn't enough, a vendor called I'Dill Pickles will be selling "piggles," bacon-wrapped fried pickles.

Finally, Heinz, the event's sponsor, will unveil two new flavors for the first time in 50 years. Picklesburgh attendees will each get to try Spicy Garlic Chips and Sweet & Spicy Chips and then cast their vote for their favorite.

To get you amped about the festival, here's a fun fact whether you're attending or just tuning in from afar: According to Picklesburgh's website, "Americans consume 26 billion pickles a year, which equals nine pounds of pickles per person." See you in Pittsburgh.