Honor America With These Handcrafted State Plates

Eat your way across America (literally) with these handcrafted plates

This July, we're pledging allegiance to the food that makes this country great—specifically, the exciting things happening in our nation's culinary scene right now. Join us as we explore America!

If you're throwing a backyard barbecue this summer, we've found the perfect addition to your table that will have each of your guests feeling proud to be an American. Corbé, a Detroit-based company, is making handcrafted modern ceramic plates shaped as each of the 50 states. When fitted together, they form a three-dimensional map of the U.S.

Photo: Roots Photography

Each design starts on the computer as a 3-D model and then gets cut out of a high-density foam. Plaster is then poured around the foam mold plug, which creates a working mold slip casting that is later filled with porcelain slip. Within 30 to 45 minutes, the slip is semi-dry, and the remaining porcelain liquid is poured out, leaving the state's shell. After the finishing touches, each state is sealed with a glossy white glaze. We can't help but think smoked brisket tastes that much better when served in the shape of Texas.

Photo: Courtesy of Corbé