Honest Wine Bottle Labels That Tell It Like It Is

These genius wine bottle labels provide a special message for your loved ones

Why write someone a message, when you can just put in on a bottle? That's what cofounders Liza Behles and Courtney Bowditch of Delicate Estates are doing. They created a product from two elements that go hand in hand: wine and feelings. Genius, right?

You certainly won't find these "greeting cards" at your local Hallmark store, but they say exactly what you're thinking. Some of our favorites include, "Sorry you guys broke up, at least you're still hot," and "I heard you're on a cleanse, I guess you can just watch me drink."

Just what we need after a long stressful day: a wine bottle we can all relate to. Now we know if wine bottles could speak, this is what they'd say.