The Best Way To Grill Corn

Here's how to cook corn on the grill

You may have grown up cooking corn a certain way, and the thought of messing with your annual summer routine might sound a little alarming, or at least unnecessary. But summer's all about expanding your horizons, so give this technique a try.

Grill corn in the husk.

Toss the whole package onto a hot grill and cook for about 15 minutes, rotating the ears every five minutes. It's that simple.

If shucking ears outside on the porch and boiling them in a pot is your tried-and-true method, first, allow us to introduce you to the grill. Ideally, you're cooking everything else on the grill this summer, so make some room for corn.  

If you're already up to speed on the corn-on-the-grill part but usually shuck corn first, here's why the husk-on method works better. You might not get that same smoky flavor, but:

The husk traps steam, leaving you with juicier ears than those grilled straight on the grates.

You can say so long to annoying, stringy silk. Moistened by steam, the silk falls off effortlessly when you remove the husk.

When you peel back the leaves, you've got an elegant, little handle that also makes for a nice presentation.

Some people suggest pulling down the husk, but keeping it attached, and removing the silk first, only to rewrap the leaves around the ear. To that we say, why bother? Ending up with softened, slippery silk is one of the advantages to grilling this way.

For a full demonstration, watch the video above and never look back.