Cookly Makes It Infinitely Easier To Find Cooking Classes Abroad

Cookly makes it infinitely easier to find cooking classes abroad

Ever wanted to take a cooking class while traveling but didn't know where to look? Maybe you found one but weren't so sure that vegan Thai cooking class in some random person's house was a safe bet. Thanks to a new website called Cookly, your class-searching woes are about to become history.

Think of it like the Airbnb of cooking classes.

Cookly pools cooking classes by area and provides useful information like how long the class will run and a map that clearly shows the site's location. (So you won't find yourself venturing down a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, wondering if you picked the wrong class.) You can also book directly through Cookly's site.

Currently, classes are available in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and according to Food Republic, the site will add Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong by the end of the year. Next year will see the addition of European countries as well.

Trying the local cuisine is an essential part of traveling, and learning to cook dishes directly from locals enriches the experience on a whole new level. As travelers increasingly look for more authentic and interactive adventures—be it staying in an apartment as opposed to a hotel or eating dinner in someone's home—cooking classes will only become more attractive.

Cofounders Etienne Marleau-Rancourt and Ben Ozsanay tell Food Republic they "want to be more than just a booking site. [They] want to build a community for people who have the same interests through Cookly."

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