How To Chill Wine Even Faster

A simple trick for chilling wine even faster

When life calls for a cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc stat, this is the trick you need.

Sure, you can stick the bottle in the freezer to speed things along, but here's a tip that will get a chilled glass in your hand that much faster:

Wrap a wet dish towel around a wine bottle and then put it in the freezer.  

You can also use a paper towel. Whatever you use, water is a better temperature conductor than air and will cool the bottle down quicker. Your wine should be ready within 15 minutes. When you remove the bottle, if the towel is frozen solid, simply run it under room-temperature water to free it.

Although there are many methods for cooling wine down quickly, this one is great if you're in your kitchen and don't want to deal with any mess.

So now you know: When you throw the bottle in the freezer, throw the towel in, too.