The Cheapest Cities To Order A Beer

The cheapest cities to order a beer

If you're going on a trip this summer, here's some information you may want to factor into your plans. Travel site GoEuro has released a report that indexes the cheapest (and most expensive) cities for ordering a beer.

Surveying 70 cities across the globe, the site compared the prices of local beer in stores and bars. It then took into account the annual average consumption and purchase rates to determine the average price per capita.

If your summer travel plans include guzzling beer with abandon, you might want to plan a trip to Eastern Europe, seeing as most of the cities in the top 10 are located there. Here's a look at what one beer will cost you in the top 10 cheapest cities:

Bratislava, Slovakia: $1.65

Kiev, Ukraine: $1.66

Cape Town, South Africa: $1.87

Krakow, Poland: $1.87

Mexico City, Mexico: $2.13

Belgrade, Serbia: $2.19

Cairo, Egypt: $2.39

Warsaw, Poland: $2.45

Ljubljana, Slovenia: $2.45

Budapest, Hungary: $2.47

Not interested in Eastern Europe? Cape Town and Mexico City are good bets, too. See here for the complete list.

If you scroll down, you'll also find the most expensive cities for buying a beer. Steer clear of Hong Kong and Singapore if you're planning on having more than a few and don't go anywhere near Lausanne, Switzerland, where one beer will cost you almost $10. Sticker shock alone will sober you right up.

As always, drink responsibly and travel responsibly, too.