5 Recipes To Make Using Leftover Hot Dogs

5 ways to put leftover hot dogs to good use

Every dog has its day. But when it comes to the hot dog, why stop at one? If the thought of our ultimate hot dog was so good that you got a bit overzealous at the grill, you are probably stuck with more leftover franks than you can handle today. It's OK; we all get excited sometimes—here are a few ways to put those extra hot dogs to use that don't involve nuking them in the microwave.

Hot dogs or eggs? Make a breakfast hash even better by tossing chopped hot dogs into the pan. It's just like adding sausage, so it's only natural.

 Stick one-inch pieces into corn bread batter before baking in the oven to make corn dog muffins. Since they're baked, not fried, chalk it up to health food and eat one for breakfast.

 Where there's an extra hot dog, there's a leftover bun. Use the one-trick ponies of the carb world to make croutons or bread crumbs.

 Go Michigan-style and add pieces of hot dog to chili con carne for a deconstructed chili dog.

 What's a hot dog if not a thinner log of pepperoni? Thinly slice them up and put them on pizza. Make it on the grill, and you'll be returning the franks to their rightful place in this world.