An Avocado Shortage Is Looming, Just In Time For The Long Weekend

A looming avocado shortage could threaten your holiday weekend plans

Heading into the holiday weekend, very little could ruffle our feathers, except for this: a looming avocado shortage. According to the L.A. Times, a deadly combination of record-breaking temperatures—between 110 and 117 degrees—and high demand (we're looking at you, avo-toast 'grammer) has put avocados in peril.

Sure, we've heard it before. This isn't the first looming threat to the bowlfuls of guacamole we anticipate plowing through at our summer barbecues. Last spring, the country panicked when California's drought—the worst in 1,200 yearsthreatened the country's supply of our favorite fruit. (Yes, people, avocados are a fruit.) Australia even faced a threat earlier this year. But every time we get wind of a potential avocado dearth, we can't help but worry.

Though 80 percent of the country's supply of avocados comes from Mexico, Time points out that our neighbor to the south may also have "miscalculated the size of the market this year."

Don't let this potential shortage ruin your holiday weekend. Stock up while you still can but also get creative with other party staples. And maybe give adding peas to your guacamole another chance. See below for some ideas. We're gonna get through this.

Recipes to help you through the avocado shortage:

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