Which Cities Drink The Most Wine

Which cities drink the most wine

If you ever get the feeling that the world is turning on its head, here's a fact that should provide some relief and make you feel sane again: Parisians drink more wine than people in any other city in the world, a new study confirms.

The report, by France's INSEEC Business School, has just determined that Parisians consume 697 million bottles of wine each year, or 51.7 liters per capita.

To put that into perspective, wine drinkers in New York and Los Angeles each put away only 12.1 liters a year.

While Americans may not make the best showing, you can count on the Italians, of course, to keep up appearances: The next three cities that consume the most wine per capita are Rome, Naples and Milan. Still, Paris beats these Italian cities, who consume only 38.9 liters per person, by a long shot.

So as you're sipping your rosé this summer, think about all the other people in cities around the world doing the same and raise a glass to them. Then raise one more to those boozy Parisians.