Wölffer Estate's New Rosé Cider Is Ideal For Summer

There's a new kind of rosé to sip this summer, and it's not what you think

Move over, rosé. Actually, stay right where you are, within arm's reach. We'll use our other arm to reach for another rosé we're planning to sip all summer long: The dry rosé cider from Hamptons-based Wölffer Estate Vineyard. Yes, that officially combines two of our favorite adult beverages

The Wölffer No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider is made with six kinds of apples—all from New York State. Grape skin extract gives it that classic blush color. It's light and refreshing, with subtle strawberry, floral and apple notes, too. You can drink it as is or mix it into cocktails, like they do at Wölffer Kitchen, the vineyard's Sag Harbor restaurant.

Though the cider may not taste revolutionary, it certainly goes down easy. What will make it one of your go-to summer beverages this year, however, is how it's packaged: in individual-sized 355-milliliter bottles with screw caps. In other words, it's perfect for picnics. And since it's actually cider, and not rosé, you have permission to keep drinking it all fall, too.

A pack of four costs $16 and is available here on Wölffer Estate's website.