How To Roll Out Dough Without A Rolling Pin

How to roll out dough when you don't have a rolling pin

Certain times in life call for cookies. Others call for pie. But what are you to do if you don't have a rolling pin? Even though it's an everyday kitchen appliance, if you're not baking on a regular basis, it's understandable that this tool might be missing from your drawer. Not ones to give up on cookies or pie, we've got a really simple solution:

Roll out dough with a wine bottle if you don't have a rolling pin.

Here's why it works:

A wine bottle has a smooth surface.

It's about the same size as a standard rolling pin.

The bottle has a built-in handle.

You can use the bottle even if it's empty (oops).

And here's why a wine bottle might be even better than a rolling pin:

When rolling out dough, you want to keep it cold. Since glass will stay cold for a while, a chilled bottle helps ensure the dough won't heat up as you work.

Don't have an extra bottle of wine at home? That's a whole different problem.