Girl Scout Cookie Baking Mixes Are A Total Game Changer

Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes are a total game changer

One of the best parts about Girl Scout Cookies is the yearly anticipation and ensuing freak-out when Thin Mints® et al. finally go on sale. That waiting game is also one of the worst parts for us cookie connoisseurs. Pillsbury has the perfect solution.

Behold Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes. You can now get those sweet, nostalgic flavors year-round, while waiting for the annual euphoria that comes when the cookies themselves go on sale.

Girl Scouts® Baking Mixes | Photo: Courtesy of Pillsbury

No matter who you are, you undoubtedly have strong feelings about which Girl Scout Cookie is the best. Thankfully, Pillsbury came through and chose the right two flavors to feature: Thin Mints® and Caramel deLites®, or Samoas®.

The four options include Caramel & Coconut Blondie Mix, Caramel & Coconut Cupcake Mix, Thin Mints Brownie Mix and Thin Mints Cupcake Mix. The pressure to deliver is high, and we pledge to thoroughly test out each and every one—Scout's honor.  

The mixes are available now in supermarkets nationwide. And they're not going anywhere, so you don't have to buy in bulk and hoard for the year—although we don't discourage that either.

Of course, once you've gone through the four mixes, you can also always step it up a notch and try Tasting Table's original Samoas®-inspired Bundt cake and Tagalongs®-inspired pie. Just throwing it out there!