Video: Sweet Pea Ravioli With Lobster - Union Square Cafe

A bright, buttery pasta that screams with green flavor

Chef Carmen Quagliata of New York City's iconic Union Square Cafe may have a lot on his plate—what with the upcoming reopening of the restaurant sometime this fall.

But he had enough time to come to our Test Kitchen to demo one of the restaurant's most beloved dishes—fresh pasta—using one of his favorite ingredients.

"I love to make pea ravioli in the spring," he tells us. The tender ravioli, made from an egg dough, are dressed in a lobster stock, then topped with pieces of lobster, more peas and fragrant chive blossoms. The final dish is both rich and bright. "You can smell how savory it is," Quagliata says.

We'll have a second helping, peas and thank you.