Chefanie Sheets Could Change Cake Decorating Forever

Edible textiles are about to take cake decorating to the next level

Sheet cake is about to take on a whole new meaning, thanks to these new edible textiles by chef Stephanie Nass. She calls them Chefanie Sheets, and they just might disrupt the cake-decorating world as we know it.

Nass, whose nickname has been "Chefanie" since she was a little kid, debuted Chefanie Sheets last week. They're made by mixing tapioca starch, corn syrup solids, sugar, water and food coloring into a pancake-like batter and spreading it out thinly to dry overnight. Nass says the sheets taste slightly sweet, like a subtle layer of icing.

Then a screen printer is used to add the designs, which Nass plans to develop for each season. Also a painter, Nass designed all of the prints herself, except for the marble-patterned one, and she hopes to make custom designs in the future. Next up will be an American flag sheet, proceeds for which will go to victims of the Orlando shooting.

The sheets adhere directly to frosting, so all you have to do is cut them to size and press them on. Conveniently, kits contain sheets, a ruler and instructions. You can also watch a demonstrational video here. Nass says buttercream works best but that sheets will also work on an ice cream cake. She recommends refrigerating a sheet-decorated cake before slicing it, to help ensure the decoration stays intact.

Whether it's the "naked cakes" that stormed the Internet last year or the recent marble cakes we couldn't take our eyes off of, we love ornate, overly intricate or impossibly glossy frosting. As unapologetic suckers for beautifully decorated cakes (who isn't, really?), we're excited to see where Chefanie Sheets go. From first glance, we'll say these edible textiles really, er, take the cake.